Wood and resin trinket


Every resin trinket box is handmade by myself via the following process: Firstly, stabilising the wood is achieved by putting the wood in a vacuum chamber filled with resin, whereby the vacuum sucks the resin into the wood. The wood is then cured in an oven, which makes the wood go very hard and leaves it with a shiny and glossy finish. I mix a two part liquid resin mixture. This is then split into lots of different pots and different colours added to each pot. Each pot is added to a mould, with a piece of sought after burl wood, in a unique way to create different patterns. This then goes into a pressure pot for a few days, which removes bubbles from the resin and makes the resin harden. Once the mould is hard, I then turn it on a wood lathe to create the final product. There are a few reasons I like to stabilise, including that it makes the finished item more user friendly, easier to clean, less likely to scratch, or be affected by moisture. This trinket box is made from horses chestnut burl and this trinket box is 3 boxes in one item, so as you can see in the pictures there are 5 places to store items each box is 60mm and the total is 180mm 

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